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One token multiple connections

  • * Token for governance and decisions
  • * Base currency of all games for trading and shipping from one game to others
  • * Cost of NFT transfer fees between games
  • * Main stake and reward
  • * Payment for exclusive features
  • * Premium time payouts in games

About tokens

Each game or mini game connected to BlockVerse has its own token and economy based on gameplay, market and users. If a game is being unprofitable, You can switch to another one and take your gems, coins, chips and NFTs to another who believes to be better. And also come back whenever you want, all through the Blockverse administration by paying a small fee with the Blockverse token.

Connected Games

BFC Token


Basic info

  • Total : 980M BVERSE
  • 5% pre sale
  • Revenue 35% add liquidy
  • Revenue 65% internal metaverse development costs
  • 5% devs locked for withdrawal 0.5% per month for profits
  • 10% development expenses, freelancers.
  • 2% for stake during 1 year
  • 10% for new years stake (with decision based on governance)
  • 68% locked with withdrawal 6.8% every 3 months with decision of use by the rulers (new games, marketing, improvements or just burn everything)

Wallets info

  • Contract :
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  • Pre sale :
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  • Devs / Lock :
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  • Development/freelancers expenses :
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  • Atual stake :
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  • Future stake :
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  • Governancce / Lock :
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Governance info

  • December 15th, 1st vote
  • About STAKE
  • About Oracle
  • About Quests
  • About New plant game

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